Winter Wonderland, Idaho Formal Session

Updated: Feb 18

You know those situations where you think, "We are crazy. Why are we doing this? What are we doing? Is this worth it?", well this session was one of those moments. I had contacted Leann & Hadley, we had been planning and organizing, and it seemed like everything was coming together. I traveled in from Nevada and they came from Utah. Then a big storm rolls in. I wanted a winter session but a blizzard?! We had no option to reschedule. So we packed it all! Hand warmers, feet warmers, fur coats, wool jackets, snow boots...annnnndd can I just say how amazing this couple was? I mean Leann was hanging out in a wedding dress during a blizzard with high winds and she didn't complain once! They are the real deal. A down-to-earth(insanely talented and beautiful), respectful western couple. I couldn't have done without these two and my wonderful sister who came along and helped create magic. All I can say is this adventure was WORTH IT. I would do it again.